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Ariaは、その名の通りエレガントでモダンなシリーズです。 もともと、2005年に施設の大規模な改装にOperakällarenレストラン用に設計されました。デザイナーのトリオClaesson Koivisto Runeの作品であるランプからな名付けました。



Aria is an elegant modern series with a name that strikes the right note. Aria was originally designed for the Operakällaren restaurant in connection with a major renovation of the premises in 2005. The name provides an obvious clue to the genesis of the lamps that are the work of the designer trio Claesson Koivisto Rune. 

The shade, manufactured from a sturdy net fabric usually reserved for upholstery, adds to the lamp’s unique expression. Aria combines elegant lines with a contemporary character and casts a pleasant light through the diffusers placed both above and below the light source.

With its modern, elegant styling, Aria table lamp is at home in a wide range of contexts – as a chic stand-alone in a domestic setting or a welcoming cluster in a hotel lobby and other public spaces.



38038-15-035Black enamel RAL 9005. Black net fabric  
38038-76-030Stainless steel. White net fabric


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