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ソファ、アームチェア、席の隣にあるフロアランプ。 固定光源は快適な一般照明を提供し、調整可能な光源は読書に最適な光を照らします。

he Swedish architect and designer Joel Karlsson found inspiration for his Butler series in the Victorian era, when little quirks and foibles of design that add character and charisma were the rule rather than the exception.

One of the design features of Butler is the leather-covered arm on the adjustable spotlight – a smart solution that enables you to direct the light to exactly where you need it when reading.
 The lamp serves a double purpose thanks to its two light sources, one fixed, one adjustable. Joel himself says, “Electronics should work like silent servants, always on hand when we need them. This lamp is like an attentive valet, standing patiently behind your chair to provide you with the right reading light whenever you require. It’s the perfect butler.”

A floor lamp that is the ideal solution next to a sofa, an armchair or a seating group. The fixed light source provides pleasant general lighting, while the adjustable one casts the perfect light for reading.



39859-01-006White RAL 9016. Shade in off-white chinette
39859-15-015Black RAL 9005. Shade in black chinette
39859-72-006Rough brass. Shade in off-white chinette


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