Pendant/fitting in painted aluminum. White RAL 9016, black RAL 9005, grey RAL 9007, green RAL 6020.
Shades in painted metal or clearglass, green glass, grey glass or matt-white glass, raw/untreated brass or copper. Textile cable in matching colour. With opal diffuser for comfort light or with matt clear diffuser for more concentrated/high output downlight. Other sizes and colours on request.

LED info

Including dimmable LED retrofit light source 7,5W 2700K.


In ceiling hook, 2,3 m cable. Including ceiling cup.


DCL plug or terminal block 3x4mm2.


Jens Fager 2021


Product specificationWe have extended the COMPOSE series with COMPOSE RAILS. A series with straight and round rails that stands out a little more. It offers a major opportunity for you to compose your very own light to your specific requirements. All the shades and colours on their individual pendant fixtures can be combined to suit your unique setting and your project. Let’s COMPOSE!


Pendant circle            
5x4,9W/225LM 2700K >90 White Comfort D800 16220101-27
5x4,9W/225LM 2700K >90 Black Comfort D800 16220106-27
5x4,9W/225LM 2700K >90 Grey Comfort D800 16220111-27
5x4,9W/225LM 2700K >90 Green Comfort D800 16220112-27
9x4,9W/225LM 2700K >90 White Comfort D1200 16220301-27
94,9W/225LM 2700K >90 Black Comfort D1200 16220306-27
9x4,9W/225LM 2700K >90 Grey Comfort D1200 16220311-27
9x4,9W/225LM 2700K >90 Green Comfort D1200 16220312-27
5x4,9W/367LM 2700K >90 White High output D800 16227101-27
5x4,9W/367LM 2700K >90 Black High output D800 16227106-27
5x4,9W/367LM 2700K >90 Grey High output D800 16227111-27
5x4,9W/367LM 2700K >90 Green High output D800 16227112-27
9x4,9W/367LM 2700K >90 White High output D1200 16227301-27
9x4,9W/367LM 2700K >90 Black High output D1200 16227306-27
9x4,9W/367LM 2700K >90 Grey High output D1200 16227311-27
9x4,9W/367LM 2700K >90 Green High output D1200 16227312-27


Metal shades            
Metal shade Smal     White   98 S16200101
Metal shade Large     White   195 S16200301
Metal shade Small     Black   98 S16200106
Metal shade Large     Black   195 S16200306
Metal shade Small     Grey   98 S16200111
Metal shade Large     Grey   195 S16200311
Metal shade Small     Green   98 S16200112
Metal shade Large     Green   195 S16200312
Metal shade Small     Copper   98 S16200178
Metal shade Large     Copper   195 S16200378
Metal shade Small     Brass   98 S16200180
Metal shade Large     Brass   195 S16200380
Glass shades            
Glass shade Small     Clear glass   112 GL16201119
Glass shade Large     Clear Glass   190 GL16201319
Glass shade Small     Grey glass   112 GL16201111
Glass shade Large     Grey glass   190 GL16201311
Glass shade Small     Green glass   112 GL16201112
Glass shade Large     Grenn glass   190 GL16201312
Glass shade Small     Matt white glass 112 GL16201121
Glass shade Large     Matt white glass 190 GL16201321


Compose Rail

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