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「シンプルでクラシックな球形のペンダントランプですが、細かいディテールの違いから個性を生み出す一品とも言えます」と設計者のMatti Klenell氏は言います。

2005年にMatti Klenellによって設計されたDroplightは、本物の品質と細部への細心の注意が、如何にも単純な製品でも見事なデザイン品に格上げされた代表作です。





”A simple, classic, spherical pendant lamp, with details that make a difference, says Matti Klenell.
 Droplight, designed by Matti Klenell in 2005, is a prime example of how genuine quality and close attention to detail can raise even the simplest of lines to the status of stunning design.

The opaque glass globe with its white lacquered metal crown is available in three sizes. A distinguishing feature of the series is the red lacquered aperture through which the lamp cord runs and which glows red while the lamp is lit.
 You can either use a single lamp to create an eye-catching centrepiece in the room, or combine different sizes of Droplight in a lighting cluster. Droplight’s simple, classic expression lends a subtle elegance to every setting in which it is used, both at home and in public spaces.



35613-01-029Droplight 300: Matt white RAL 9010. Matt opal glass
35614-01-029Droplight 400: Matt white RAL 9010. Matt opal glass
35615-01-029Droplight 500: Matt white RAL9010. Matt opal glass


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