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Hazeは、Samuel Wilkinson 2020がデザインした、丸みを帯びたフォルムに襟を付けた東洋風のランタンを表現した現代風のペンダントランプです。特注の3Dニットが特徴を持ち、大規模な公共施設でのLED照明やDALI制御、DMX、1〜10Vの機会など、最新のテクノロジーに対応します。

エッジ周辺の視覚的なフェード効果に因んでHAZEと名付けられました。丸みを帯びたディフューザーを包み込み、照明によって段階的にニットがマスクされると作成されます。Hazeは、やさしいフォルムと、メランジのニット生地と天然木など天然素材を用いて、柔らかく親しみやすい個性を持っています。 自宅やオフィス、1つでも数個組み合わせて楽しみます。

さらに、Haze 3Dニット生地であるCamira Technical Knittingは、環境に配慮した製造プロセスに最新のフラットベッド横編み技術を使用しています。ポリエステル100%フィラメントヤーンは、グローバルエコテックス規格100の認定を受けており、EUエコラベル環境基準にも認定されています。


Haze, design Samuel Wilkinson 2020, is new pendant lamp that is a modern interpretation of an oriental lantern with collars capping a rounded form. The lamp features a bespoke 3D knit. Contains the very latest technology, including LED lighting and the opportunity of DALI control, DMX or 1-10V in large public environments. 
Named HAZE after the visual fading effect around the edge. This effect is created when illuminated light is incrementally masked by the knit when as it wraps around the rounded diffuser. Haze has a soft approachable personality due to its friendly form and approachable materials with the knitted melange fabric and natural wood. Haze would sit as comfortably in the home or in the office and would work well on its own or in a group.  

Haze 3D knitted fabric information -  Camira Technical Knitting uses state of the art flat-bed weft knitting technology for an environmentally benevolent waste free manufacturing process using just three basic inputs – yarn, electricity and gentle steam finishing. Each 100% polyester filament yarn used is certified to the global Oeko-  Tex Standard 100 which prohibits the use of harmful substances in textiles known to be hazardous to the environment and human health. Every cover produced is also accredited to the independent and 3rd party verified EU Ecolabel environmental standard.

Size - Diameter 375 mm
Light source - Incorporated LED module or with LED light source E26
Standard colour white, black, petroleum. Opal acrylic, ash, fabric. Other colours on request. 


16W/468LM2700K>80VitInkl. dimmbar LED PAR38 ljuskälla16400101-27
16W/468LM2700K>80SvartInkl. dimmbar LED PAR38 ljuskälla16400106-27
16W/468LM2700K>80PetroleumInkl. dimmbar LED PAR38 ljuskälla16400145-27
17W/656LM3000K>90VitInbyggd LED modul16401101-30
17W/656LM3000K>90VitInbyggd dimmbar LED modul16401101D30
17W/656LM3000K>90SvartInbyggd LED modul16401106-30
17W/656LM3000K>90SvartInbyggd dimmbar LED modul16401106D30
17W/656LM3000K>90PetroleumInbyggd LED modul16401145-30
17W/656LM3000K>90PetroleumInbyggd dimmbar LED modul16401145D30
D = Dimbar DALI, DMX or 1-10V   


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