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Lens large 450mm or Lens small 180mm

Finish:Structure painted aluminum and matt acrylic. Standard colours are white and black. Other colours on request.

Jens Fager 2010.



Lens Large

E26/max 42WWhite4508101-3-01
E26/max 42WBlack4508101-3-06
LED 973LM/21WWhite4508102-3-01
LED 973LM/21WWhite4508102-3-01HFF
LED 973LM/21WBlack4508102-3-06
LED 973LM/21WBlack4508102-3-06HFF



Max 28W/E27-White8100-1-01
Max 28W/E27-Black8100-1-06
LED 640LM/10W3000KWhite8102-1-01
LED 640LM/10W3000KWhite8102-1-01HFF
LED 640LM/10W3000KBlack8102-1-06
LED 640LM/10W3000KBlack8102-1-06HFF


HFF/D = Dimmable with DALI, DMX, 1-10V


Lens Large and Small

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