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White painted metal. Inner shade in opal acrylic and outer shade in
diffused glass. Inner shade available in all opalwhite or with yellow or pink
stain. Each Mist light has its own unique expression since the whiteness of the semi-transparent glass varies.Other colours on request.

LED info

System power see below. Luminaire CCT 3000K. SDCM 3. CRI 80.


In ceiling, 2 m cable and wire.


Terminal block inside canopy.


Front Design  2017.



Product specification With Mist, Front continues its design experimentation with light and shade, hand-blown glass and LED technology. The result is a pendant, ceiling- and wall-fixture with double globes that diffuse the light evenly and pleasantly. The semitransparency of the outer glass globe provides depth and creates an illusion of light glowing through a mist.


LED 880LM/9W250Opal8366-1-01
LED 880LM/9W250Opal8366-1-01HFF
LED 880LM/9W250Yellow8366-1-14
LED 880LM/9W250Yellow8366-1-14HFF
LED 880LM/9W250Pink8366-1-42
LED 880LM/9W250Pink8366-1-42HFF
LED 1535LM/18W350Opal8366-3-01
LED 1535LM/18W350Opal8366-3-01HFF
LED 1535LM/18W350Yellow8366-3-14
LED 1535LM/18W350Yellow8366-3-14HFF
LED 1535LM/18W350Pink8366-3-42
LED 1535LM/18W350Pink8366-3-42HFF


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