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「Mushroom(キノコ)は、心地よい光を拡散するように設計された、フレンドリーなテーブルとフロアランプです。」と設計者のMatti Klenellは言います。


が2002年にマッシュルームを設計したとき、MattiはÖrsjö Lightingの初期のモデルの1つからインスピレーションを得ました。既存のツールから現代的なデザインと心地よい光を放すテーブルとフロアランプの新しいシリーズを作成しました。


”Mushroom is a friendly floor and table lamp in colours designed to spread a pleasant light,” says Matti Klenell.
 The distinctive character of the floor lamp lends a modern touch to any setting. Mushroom casts a pleasant light that makes it the ideal choice as a reading lamp beside the sofa or armchair, or for spreading general lighting throughout a room.

When Matti Klenell designed Mushroom in 2002 he derived inspiration from one of Örsjö Lighting’s earlier models. Working with the original tools, he created a new series of table and floor lamps that combined contemporary design with a firm focus on the need to spread a pleasant light. The lamp’s distinctive silhouette is based on traditional lines, while the colour palette in white or rowanberry and the subtly updated styling give the series a strong personality with a modern look that makes certain that Mushroom always stands out.



39950-01-000-NWhite RAL 9010
39950-06-000-NRowanberry NCS 0580-Y80R and white RAL9010


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