Pebble enables light to work in different ways, depending on the choice of material. Its shape encapsulates the light, which is distributed differently depending on whether the lamp is metal or glass. The glass version is mouth-blown, emitting an atmospheric, glimmering, broad blanket of light suitable for hotel lobbies or living rooms in the home, while the spun metal version’s narrow spot is ideal for settings requiring more targeted distribution of light, such as bars or reception desks.

Pebble is designed by Joel Karlsson, who drew inspiration from the diverse qualities of the material as well as the lifework of the French designer, Serge Mouilles.

“Among other things, I was inspired by Mouilles’ use of double-curved surfaces and the way he finished the metal,” explains Joel Karlsson.

Pebble is equally impressive as a standalone lamp or when forming part of a group, where the materials complement one another.



35875-02-000 Pebble Elongated: Warm grey RAL7032. Metal
35875-02-029 Pebble Elongated: Warmgrey. Glass
35875-06-000 Pebble Elongated: Oxide red RAL8015. Metal
35875-06-069 Pebble Elongated: Oxide red. Glass
35876-02-000 Pebble Plump: Warm grey RAL7032. Metal
35876-02-029 Pebble Plump: Warm grey. Glass
35876-06-000 Pebble Plump: Oxide red RAL8015. Metal
35876-06-069 Pebble Plump: Oxide red. Glass


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