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電力:3.0 W/ft (9.84 W/m) または 4.5 W/ft (14.76 W/m)

配光効率:1 lm/ft (3 lm/m) から 500 lm/ft (1638 lm/m)

まで マグネット取り付けオプションが利用可能


幅:8mm 高さ:8.9mm






S9 Channel is a surface-mounted aluminum micro channel designed to create linear fixtures S9 Channel’s ultra-slim width of 8 mm creates clean, modern linear designs for retail stores, commercial buildings and residential interiors.


Wattage: 9.84 W/m or 14.76 W
Delivered Lumen Range from 1 lm/ft (3 lm/m) to 500 lm/ft (1638 lm/m)
Magnetic mounting option available

Width: 8 mm

Height: 8.9 mm

Internal Width: 5.7 mm

Beam Angle: 110

Interior / Exterior: Interior

S9 Micro

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