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「夕食のテーブルの上に浮かぶ抽象的な衛星都市と想像し、最初のモデルをファルスタとハスビー(2つともストックホルム近郊の都市)と呼びました」と共同デザイナAnna Holmquistは言います。3つのモデルより構成されたSkylineは、1960年代と1970年代のスウェーデンの建築に啓発を受けて生まれました。 当時、大都市に近い郊外に移り住むことが流行となり、Annaも、ストックホルム郊外のヴェリンビーで生まれ育ちました。


The lamp reminds of a stylized, airborne city, a modern crystal chandelier, an edgy, corrugated apparition, all together inspired by the skyline.

“We saw it as abstract satellite cities floating above the dinner table, and called the first models Farsta and Husby” (two suburbs close to Stockholm) says Anna Holmquist, who together with Chandra Ahlsell, forms the design duo Folkform. Three different models were designed. All of them inspired by the architecture in Sweden synonymous to the 1960’ and 1970s. At that time a lot of focus was put on many of the suburban close to the bigger cities. Suburbans that today are seen by many as areas of disrepair. Anna is grown up in Vällingby outside Stockholm, one of those suburban areas, and has the form in her heart.

Skyline provide an interesting geometric pattern of the light and the brass is untreated to allow it to age over time, a beautiful oxidized surface is to look forward to.



39861-01-000White RAL9016
39861-72-000Polished brass
39861-76-000Stainless stee


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