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Part of the way I work is very involved in how we look at things – as if we are always on a visit to a museum. Streck is the result of this – the essence of a particular type of fitting I have always loved. With just a few, very carefully selected lines, the Streck family has been given a long life,” says Joel. As always, a lot of thought has gone into the details. This includes considering how the electric cable will hang, as this is strongly connected to the longevity and appeal of the product.



38921-01-000White RAL9016/ brass. Cord warm grey  
38921-02-000Warmgrey NCS 4005-Y20R/ brass. Cord warm grey  
38921-10-000Misty blue NCS 5020-B10G/ brass. Cord black  
38921-15-000Black RAL9005/ brass. Cord black 


38921-01-019White RAL9016/ brass, opaque glas, white cable


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