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名前の由来となる本体についた翼は、ラッカー塗装メタル製または真ちゅう製の調光器であり、翼の軸を中心に回転し、異なるバリエーションの照明を魅了させられます。翼を手で動くごとに、ランプの明るさに即座に変わり、照明を触覚的な感覚に変えます。 ドーム型の乳光色のシェードと調光機能を備えたVingeは、インテリアとしても、照明器具としても両方楽しめます。ユーザーに光のバリエーションを異なる次元で楽しめる一品でもありますので、あなたの生活の一部としてお一つを置いてはいかがでしょうか?

Vinge table lamp, designed by Note, encourages users to take a more active role in lighting their surroundings. The minimalist exterior is just one component of an innovative design that is packed full of personality. 

The distinctive wing to which the lamp owes its name, is a dimmer in lacquered metal or solid brass that rotates around its own axis, almost irresistible in inviting and enticing interaction. The movement of your hand and the sweep of the wing have an immediate effect on the luminosity of the lamp, transforming lighting into a tactile sensation. With its domed opalescent shade and dimmer function Vinge is equally decorative lit or unlit, a focus of attention that gives users full freedom to adjust lighting to their needs. With Vinge, lighting is always a matter of choice, never a matter of chance.


38860-01S-019-NWhite structure RAL9016. Opal glass. White textile cord  
38860-06-019-NRowanberry NCS 0580-Y80R. Opal glass. Orange textile cord  
38860-15S-019-NBlack structure RAL9005. Opal glass. Black textile cord 



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